Thursday, June 4, 2020

JoAnn James — 611
Becky Emory (Mother of Bobby Emory) — 704

If you would like to add someone to our Prayer List please contact the church office at 246-
1921 or
Marshall Ferguson
Bucky Miller
Bob Dobbins
Earlene Cooley
Ann Willis
Linda Abbott
Joye Rickenbaker
Leslie Blakely
Emily Bridges
Von Hallman
Thelma Jones (NHC Greenville, Room 205)
Lenhardt Lathem (NHC Mauldin, Room 118)
Doug Cox (Capstone Rehab, Room 201)
Barbara Moody
Marian Anderson
Bill Horne
Lisa Smith
Donna Anderson
Ken Pennington
Leah Hamilton (Rolling Green)
Felton Cox
Ken Bridwell
Joyce Eastburn
Ernest Reese
Rick Rickenbaker (Father of Chad Rickenbaker)
Mason & Connie Speer (Sister and Brother-in-law of Nancy Mace)
Kim Chambers (Sister of Kristie Zahm)
Landon Tatum
Teddi Wohlford (Daughter of Don and Linda Abbott)
Mike Phares (Friend of Charles and Brenda Hall)
Linda Laughridge (Friend of Susan Bishop)
Robert Bailey (Father of Robbie Cassell)
Helen Cassell (Mother-in-law of Robbie Cassell)
Virginia Czapla (Friend of Shannon Farr)
Floyd Whittington
Lori & Pat Leccese (In-laws of Kelsey Tallon Leccese)
Jim and Pat Benson (Friends of Nancy Cooper)
Anthony Pickens (Friend of Kristi Zahm)
Rodger Hall
Phoebe Chadwick
Joanna Jackson (Cousin of Julie Brock)
Anne Marie Zabcik (Sister of Sharon Six)
Bronnie Whitmire (Daughter of Glenda Wynn)
Rebecca Lay (Friend of Dawn Williams)
Lane Smith (Friend of Teresa Blakely)
Nancy Porter (Sister of Barbara Chastain)
Carol Osteen Northway (Cousin of Beth Burgess)
Christy Harris Finley
Luther Cranford (Father of Susan Kay)