Share the Good News

Share the Good News

It is our desire to share the Good News of Jesus with our community, our nation and our world. Whether your heart is for local, national or global ministry, you will find many opportunities to share the Gospel in a variety of environments. For more information and a list of opportunities – please see our Associate Pastor who heads up our missions endeavors.

Here are just a few of our missions opportunities…

Local Missions

  • Armstrong Elementary – our church is a strategic partner with Armstrong. We have a large team of volunteers who serve every week in whatever ways the teachers and staff of the school might use us.
  • Reaching Center – our benevolence ministry providing basic food, clothing, and household needs.
  • Backpack Food Ministry – providing basic weekend food supplies to children through the local school system.
  • Seasonal Ministries – we provide numerous seasonal ministries around Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Hawks Landing Apartments – our church partners with Hawks Landing Apartments and MFuge Camps to host daily camps throughout June/July.

National Missions

  • Kentucky Missions – our ongoing partnership has impacted our lives and the lives of those in Kentucky.

International Missions

  • Uganda – our church has an ongoing partnership with the Hands of Kindness Ministry in Uganda.
  • Puerto Rico – in 2019, we partnered with NAMB to work with their SEND Relief efforts.
  • Latvia – our college students recently assisted the work in Latvia alongside Campus Crusade for Christ.
  • Next Steps – we are continually seeking the Lord’s guidance regarding the next location and opportunity!