Daily Reading in the Book of Acts

Monday, February 5 – Read Acts 1:1-8

Let’s begin the journey today of discovering the Book of Acts together! I am so glad that you chose to start the day with your BFBC community as we learn together. The name of this series is Breakout, and this captures our prayer for each individual in our church. We believe that God is still alive and working today and we desperately want to see that breakout in our lives!

Learning from the Book of Acts, we are going to discover God at work in incredible ways! From the moment of Christ’s ascension to the rapid Gospel expansion, we will see the breakout of God’s church. The group that began as a small band of followers soon blossomed into a massive movement. It was a movement only possible through the power of God in the lives of these early believers. Through the presence of the Spirit of God, the church exploded with growth.

The background for this movement of God is the Gospel of Luke. As we glance through the pages of his Gospel, we see a call to love and serve God in radical ways.

  • Jesus challenged His followers to love even their enemies.
  • He talked about fruit being the proof of true faith.
  • He said that His followers were to take up their cross, deny themselves, and follow Him.
  • He painted a picture of our love for God being so great that it makes our love for family (and ourselves) look like hatred.
  • He even told some to sell everything to follow Him.

When Luke described followers of Jesus, this radical call was what he had in mind. After all, it’s how he captured the teachings and call of Jesus throughout His ministry. When Luke described a breakout of the early followers, it was a movement among Christ followers who were radically committed to serving the Lord, not just confessing Him. God empowered them to live out their faith boldly and publicly, and the result was a breakout!

We will study more about this movement of God in the Book of Acts, but before we get to that, we need to ask a question. Do we believe that God can do it again? That certainly is the question facing us as we begin this journey together. Are we going to consider that God can do it again in 2018 or are we reading these stories from 2,000 years ago as if we are reading History books? I pray that we will believe that God can and will do it again! With that aim in mind, it may be that your prayer today is this, “God, help me to believe that you will do it again.”

Spend a few moments today praying God will help us believe that He can do it again. Pray that He will shape and mold our faith to reflect Him (and to resemble the radical obedience of these early followers). Pray that we will fix our eyes on Jesus alone.

As a closing encouragement today, I have included a music video that will help all of us to remember this prayer – “Do it Again.” Listen to this song today and allow it to guide your prayer.

Lyrics from Chorus – “Do It Again” by Elevation Worship
Your promise still stands
Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness
I’m still in Your hands
This is my confidence, You never failed
I’ll see you do it again