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Welcome to “THE DOCK” Children’s Ministry

Berea First Baptist Church has a legacy as a church of ministering to and loving children. For decades, our church has offered age-appropriate Bible study classes, interactive choirs, and recreation activities. In January 2016, our Children’s Ministry took on the name of “THE DOCK Children’s Ministry”. Along with this new name came a totally renovated space just for our children! Your children are now cared for in the same facility from nursery through 5th grade (Sunday School for our school children takes place next door in our Education Building). “The Dock” is directly beneath our nursery facility and has been completely renovated with new carpet, paint, furnishings, and The Dock theme throughout. We are grateful for the hard work of so many of our church members who gave of their time to make this renovation possible! We look forward to having your children join us at “The Dock” very soon!

The Dock Leadership

LUNSFORD-DAVID-40“The Dock” Children’s Ministry is led by Julie Lunsford. “Mrs Julie” loves serving the children of BFBC and the community through a variety of ministries. She has just launched a brand new name for our children’s ministry along with a totally renovated space. As she leads our children’s ministries, she will very quickly know not only your child’s name but also how she can uniquely minister to your child. Take time this week to meet Mrs Julie at “The Dock” and she can share more with you about our many children’s ministries and activities.

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Children’s Ministry Schedule

Sunday School

  • Sundays at 9:00am
    Nursery and Preschoolers – Child Development Center
    Elementary School – Education Building
    *Please come to the Welcome Center if you need directions to a classroom.

Sunday Evenings

  • Elementary – “The Dock” Children’s Ministry Center
  • Nursery and Preschool – Child Development Center

Wednesday Evenings

  • Nursery and Preschool – Child Development Center
  • Elementary – “The Dock” Children’s Ministry Center

Sunday Morning Opportunities for you and your kids

Sunday School
BFBC Childrens Ministry - The Dock - Beveled Clear BackSunday School meets every Sunday morning at 9:00am and we have classes for babies through all school grades. On your first visit to BFBC, enter at the front of our facilities through the area marked “Welcome Center”. This is the glass area just to the left of our main sanctuary building. Here our volunteers can direct you and your kids to the right Sunday School classroom.

During this time the children learn Bible verses, participate in hands-on activities, make new friends, and listen to Bible stories. Our curriculum provides materials they can carry home with them so that you can discuss with your child the stories from God’s Word.
While your child is enjoying time in their class, we encourage you to join in one of our adult Bible study classes. Ask for information in our “Welcome Center” on a class that you could attend this week.

NEW LOGO PUZZLE  – The Dock Children’s Ministry

See if you can put together our new Children’s Ministry logo. There are only 9 pieces to this puzzle. Try it out!

Children’s Church
Children’s Church meets during the Sunday morning worship and is provided for children age 4 to grade 3. Your child will be taken care of by one of our adult volunteers. This service takes place in our newly renovated facility called “The Dock”. It is located directly beneath our Child Development Center. Our Children’s Worship is interactive and fun with a purpose! Your children will learn God’s Word, key Scripture that they can memorize, and life application on their level. You will likely have lots of great things to hear about on the way home from church after your child participates in these services!

teamkidOne of our key discipleship resources is called TeamKIDS – kids in discipleship. Each week, our leaders share truths from God’s Word in an age-appropriate setting. This program is an activity-based and interactive material that engages each child in the journey of faith!

Each week kids learn a new character trait God wants them to develop. Ranging from being honest to being joyful, the topics each week challenge children to make that character trait part of their lives.

Missions-Centered Groups
We want our kids to know what missions is all about and how they can be involved in the Great Commission even as kids. We continue to utilize resources provided by the Women’s Missionary Union called Royal Ambassadors and Girls in Action. We’ve adapted the format over the years to fit our church, but we still incorporate the same key elements that millions have discovered in these missions-focused groups. If you grew up in these groups, you’ll appreciate your child now getting those same truths today!