Connecting with Christ

Our purpose statement shares our one over-arching purpose for all that we do at BFBC. Within that purpose statement there are are three ways that we seek to fulfill the big purpose of Connecting with Christ.

  • We connect with Christ through celebration.
  • We connect with Christ through community.
  • We connect with Christ through calling.

Our adult ministries seek to carry out this purpose statement in lots of different ways.


Connecting with Christ in community
Our community is first and foremost our small group Bible studies. These take place each Sunday morning at 9:30 am all over our church campus. If you have grown up in a church setting, you have heard this called “Sunday School”. That title just means that we gather on Sunday mornings in small groups around the Bible and a themed lesson. Some classes are lecture, others are more discussion-oriented. You can find a place for connecting with the community of small groups by entering our church’s WELCOME CENTER. There our volunteers can share more about our classes.

Connecting with Christ in calling
It is our prayer that our small groups will identify with a calling to serve others in some way. We allow each group the opportunity to discover their own unique calling and means to serve. For some, it is through our “Berea House” community ministry. For others, it is our “Reaching Center” food/crisis ministry. There is no limit to what our groups will discover as their unique calling. Our prayer (and purpose) going forward is that each group will discover something as the visible expression of the faith they are discovering more and more about on a weekly basis!