Website - The Encounter Service ButtonEncounter Service – In the Worship Center, this service features energizing and uplifting music led by our Encounter band and vocalists. This service features songs typically heard on His Radio 89.7 along with hymns with a modern twist. There is childcare provided during this service. Please come to the “Welcome Center” for directions to the childcare drop off and pick up.

Website - The Cornerstone Service Button
Cornerstone Service – In the Worship Center, this service features beloved hymns and songs of the faith led by choir and orchestra and piano. This service also includes some choruses and anthems by our choir. The sermon offered in both of our morning services is the same.

Our worship ministry has always been a core part of the ministries of this church. For decades, our church family has shared their musical gifts as their expression of worship through a variety of music settings and styles. Whether it is through a choir, contemporary worship band, ensembles, or a fun bluegrass evening, our church enjoys the blessing of worship! Our worship ministry fulfills the purpose of Berea First Baptist Church to Connect with Christ through Celebration.

Our worship ministry is led by Trevor Coleman – a gifted leader of both contemporary, traditional, and classical music. We are so grateful for his varied gifts in leading our diverse community of members.

Join us early on Sundays at 8:15 am for our Contemporary Worship Service or at 10:30 am for our blended service with the orchestra.

What does worship look like at BFBC?
We believe it looks like “celebration”. We believe this is not a style or song preference, this is a matter of the heart. We are so blessed to have a diverse congregation filled with babies in the nursery and great-grandparents still worshiping alongside the family! We want to help everyone connect with Christ in worship. We believe our worship should be an expression of celebration – celebrating what Christ has done and will do in our lives! How that “looks” will be different for every believer as they express their gratitude for who God is and what God has done in his/her life. So join us as we celebrate Christ together.

As we seek to celebrate Christ, we provide opportunities for you to connect in very different ways. In our early service (8:15 am), the style of the music would be categorized as contemporary. What does that mean? Primarily this relates to instruments and format. We have a full band with worship leaders. The setting is often described as more casual. This is one way in which you can connect with Christ through celebration.

We also offer our 10:30 am worship service featuring our choir and ensembles. This has been the cornerstone service for our church for generations. In our 10:30 am service, we feature a blend of traditional hymns with choruses you will hear on Christian radio today. On most Sundays, we are fortunate to have several orchestra members who assist in leading this service. Join us with all of the family at 10:30 am as we worship together.