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BFBC Missions - Diagram of Missions - Sept6God is involving you in His work! That is an exciting reality that our church is discovering. In both local and global missions, we are discovering God’s call to serve Him in numbers of different ways. This page is a resource page for those who are not yet members of the church but are interested in how our church is serving in missions. It is also a place for our own church family to see just how many different ways we are currently serving in missions – both locally and globally.

Missions Mobilization Resources

This section provides some resources that will lead us towards missional living:

  • “On Mission with God” by Avery Willis and Henry Blackaby
    Around 30 years ago, Henry Blackaby introduced the Christian community to the idea of “Experiencing God”. In what was intended as a follow-up resource to that first material, “On Mission with God”, shows readers how God uses the seven realities originally found in “Experiencing God” in their lives. They will experience God at work at all time – initiating a personal, loving relationship with them to join Him in His work. Then they become a part of God’s mission.
  • “The Sending Church” by Pat Hood
    How does man’s heart move closer to God’s heart? How do we “live sent” in our community or halfway around the world? What good things that happen in church life might actually threaten to obscure the greater things being orchestrated by God? How does everyone at church move from being a member to a missionary? Find out in The Sending Church.
    I (Michael H) read this church several months ago and was immediately impressed with the presentation of Pat Hood and it challenged me in my own missional living.
  • “Finish the Mission” by John Piper and David Mathis
    As is the case with many of John Piper’s resources, this is actually available as a FREE pdf at desiringgod.org.
    This is no ordinary missions book. The theme isn’t new, but the approach is refreshing and compelling, as contributors David Platt, Louie Giglio, Michael Ramsden, Ed Stetzer, Michael Oh, David Mathis, and John Piper take up the mantle of the Great Commission and its Spirit-powered completion.
  • “Tradecraft” by Larry McCrary and other authors
    The Western Church world is abuzz with talk of being missional. Church leaders, conference speakers, and authors are weighing the merits of the attractional church movement of the past few decades, and where they find it lacking, prescribing changes in the way we need to approach our cultures with the Gospel. There has been a consensus shift among many churches, networks, and denominations to become more focused on mission. The result is a renewed interest in reaching the lost in our cities and around the world. The Church, in many places in the Western world, is in fact returning to a biblical missional focus.  Yet there is something still to be addressed in the process: the how. For centuries, God has called missionaries to cross cultures with the Gospel, and along the way, they have developed the necessary skill-sets for a cultural translation of the Good News. These skills need to be shared with the rest of the Church in order to help them as well be effective missionaries. Tradecraft for the Church on Mission does exactly that. This book, in essence, pulls back the curtain on tools once accessible only to full-time Christian workers moving overseas, and offers them to anyone anywhere who desires to live missionally.

The Backpack Buddy Program

BackpackOur Backpack Buddy Program is a partnership with Greenville County Schools to provide basic weekend foods for needy families. These bags feature foods like cereal, grits, peanut butter/jelly, nutri grain/granola bars, pop top soups, and raviolis, oatmeal, fruit cups, mac & cheese, pop tarts, crackers, 100% fruit juice boxes. These bags are provided and packed by our church members.

If you would like to sponsor a school-year of filled bags for a child, please contact our church office to receive more information.

Berea House Logo - Clear BackThe Berea House

The Berea House began as an outreach ministry of one of our Bible Study groups in 1998. Moved by the call to go beyond the walls of the church and to impact lives in real and tangible ways, this class set out to minister out in the community. Since that first vision, the ministry has thrived through after-school tutoring, mentoring, and activities. Some of the kids of the neighborhood have truly grown up under this ministry. We have an amazing (but small) group of volunteers that have made this ministry happen. If you sense God’s call to move beyond the walls of the local church (or just get active in missions), this is a great place to start. Contact our church office at (864)246-1921 to get involved.

The Reaching Center - Logo - Sept2014The Reaching Center

Our “Reaching Center” is our food & clothing pantry ministry. This ministry began just as the Berea House began – as an outreach ministry of one of our Bible Study groups. Realizing there was a great need and due to the availability of facilities, this ministry began many years ago. It is completely staffed by volunteers and the items in the center come from our church family and community. Our guests are able to receive assistance once a month. Guests are interviewed, receive info about our church and the message of salvation, and then receive their needed supplies. We are grateful for volunteers who make this ministry happen every Tuesday morning.

Hands of Kindness Children’s Ministry: Uganda

HOK - Heart Hands - Logo on ClearOur church partners with Hands of Kindness Children’s Ministry to impact children through adults living in Uganda. Our trips feature backyard Bible clubs, Vision and Medical Clinics, Construction Projects, Pastor Training, and Outreach/Evangelism. Our goal is to offer this as an annual trip each July/August. Our next trip is scheduled for July/August 2016 and our team is coming together now. To find out more info about this international partnership, see our Associate Pastor or email him at THIS LINK. He can share more information with you so that you can begin praying about this privilege of serving alongside fellow Christians in Uganda.

Chosen Children Ministries: Nicaragua

Nicaragua Missions Team - Small PictureOur church is blessed with a partnership with a ministry based in Spartanburg, SC called Chosen Children Ministries. This partnership allows us to love the people of Nicaragua through the existing ministries of this organization. We join with churches all over the United States to minister to and support the churches of Nicaragua. Our trips to Nicaragua have become a Spring Break trip – as this has been the greatest response to the trips. It is a trip that is open to all adults and students who are in their 11th – 12th grade school year. Parents may take their children 13yrs old and up along with them on the trips.

You can see our team from the 2015 trip in the picture. But our partnership didn’t stop there! We continue to have teams going each year to Nicaragua. In fact, below is the video with highlights from the 2016 trip…


ESL: English as a Second Language Classes

We have a team of faithful teachers who love to share the journey of language learning. Our program is currently on hold due to changes in our staffing, but we hope to soon resume our classes for the community. When operating, our classes take place on Monday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm during the school year. We typically start the week after Labor Day and end in late November. We resume in January and end in the last week of March. Our classes are open to all ages and we seek to offer at least 3 levels of classes.

Good News Club

Good News Club - ColumnHave you ever heard the discouraging word that prayer is no longer a part of the school year? The Good News is that prayer still happens each week at school! It’s through an after-school program called The Good News Club. Our church is fortunate to sponsor a club at Armstrong Elementary throughout the school year on Monday afternoons. Following your training with Child Evangelism Fellowship, you can join this great team of workers who love kids through this club.

Kentucky Missions

This team could really be called the Kentucky/Virginia/Tennessee Team since their work is on the border of all three states! For many years, our volunteers have traveled to Kentucky to love the children and adults of our partner churches. We have watched many of the young children grow up as we have served and taught there. This summer missions opportunity is for all ages! Watch for more information regarding Kentucky Missions 2016.

MissionLab: New Orleans

MissionLab1In 2016, our student ministry is connecting with “MissionLab: New Orleans“. MissionLab is passionate about seeing lives changed through short-term missions. This organization has been loving & serving the city of New Orleans in the name of Jesus since 2000. Serving with MissionLab involves hands-on interaction with the people and needs of New Orleans.